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I have had the privilege of being friends with Stephan Connor for a few years now. Steve not only is the nicest, most supportive person you will ever meet, but he is also a genius luthier. His guitars are in the hands of some of the worlds best musicians. Steve is extremely humble so he would never say so, but he is one of the most innovative luthiers of our time!

I credit steve with sending me on the path of becoming a film maker. We first collaborated in creating “At The Heart Is The Guitar,” (2010) my first documentary short, and the first time I ever picked up a camera. Steve patiently waited for me to organize my shots, answered tons of questions, and never doubted my abilities. We worked together once more in my creation of the documentary short “Art Is a Verb,” (2012) which also featured designer Martin Keen, and RISD professor Mike Fink.

This short piece is our latest collaboration and it marks a special occasion. Steve recently completed his first steel string guitar. This guitar is the first of a series of four guitars inspired by the elements. “Water guitar,” is consistently influenced by the waters surrounding Steve’s workshop in Cape Cod. There is even a hand carved mussel shell mermaid in the headstock!

Steve and I have big hopes and dreams for future, larger film projects. Stay tuned for more films to come!

I also took some photos of the “water guitar,” that can be seen below.


*Visit Steve’s website to learn more about his instruments!*