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website background bigger_1For years I have been collaborating with my friend Stephan Connor. My first documentary short, At The Heart Is The Guitar featured insights into his building process. My second documentary short Art Is A Verb shared some of Steve’s wisdom on how to start a business and live a creative life. Our latest project is the biggest one yet!

Instrumental Places: The Granada Guitar is a story of travel, music, and cultural experience. We will follow Steve as he explores the magical city of Granada, Spain; taking in the rich history, musical traditions, local customs, and influential architecture.  Steve will then use a portable workshop consisting of mostly hand tools to create a guitar inspired by his experiences.

This documentary is a passion project for everyone involved. We are making this film because we believe it is important to inspire creativity. In addition to film festivals and other screenings, we are going to show this film at schools around the country to introduce flamenco guitar to the next generation.

We have been seeking corporate sponsorship and recently confirmed our first, Augustine Strings! To help cover production costs we just started a Kickstarter campaign. The funding from this campaign will go towards specialized camera/audio equipment, plane tickets, shipping Steve’s portable workshop, living expenses, and more.

To see a trailer of our film and to visit our Kickstarter play the video below. Also visit the film’s website: