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unnamed-4Last Friday we had a successful work in progress screening for my first feature length documentary, Dreaming of Sugarplums at the Jamestown Arts Center. Dreaming of Sugarplums is a documentary film that brings you behind the scenes of Island Moving Company’s “Nutcracker,” a site-specific ballet performed through several rooms in Rosecliff Mansion. Every year dancers aged 8 to 18 take part in this unique performance, many of them returning each fall to take on new and more demanding roles. This film is told entirely from the perspective of the young performers, and documents their development into dancers, artists, and individuals.

Next step is to do some final revisions and then release the film. We will be having a big screening event this fall in Newport and also will be submitting to film festivals. Special thanks to everyone who attended the screening, it was so inspiring to hear your comments and support.